The fourteenth China International Fair for small and medium sized enterprises: wisdom, building mat
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October 20, 2017 -23
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Guangdong building decoration materials industry association is a non-profit social organization approved by the Guangdong provincial Civil Affairs Bureau. It is the most appealing, influential and authoritative 5A class association of Guangdong building decoration materials industry. Since its establishment in March 2008, the association has always been adhering to the "United, pragmatic, enterprising, innovative" purpose, "building materials export association, escort for the lead, and actively play a unique function of government, enterprise and industry assistant helper promoter, integration of industry resources, to promote enterprise development, become Guangdong building materials, national, global online for the leader. And won the 2016 annual economic standings in Guangdong, the only innovation Association award.
Association existing members of enterprises, materials manufacturers accounted for 70%, circulation enterprises, real estate developers, professional markets, engineering companies, design institutions, accounting for 30%. Among them, the annual sales of the association director units exceed 400 billion yuan, including Foshan ceramics, Kaiping bathroom, ancient town lighting, Shunde paint, Yunfu stone, Nanhai aluminum profile, high hardware and other famous industrial clusters. Representative enterprises have Chinese group, Dongpeng newpearl, Liansu Group, Monalisa group, Jianmei group, Midea group.
Association organization, Party committee, industry committee, a group of women's groups, the Advisory Committee, the Committee of experts, office, news center, project center, planning center, financial services center, technology and intellectual property service center, public services department, as well as the design, kitchen, windows, lighting, energy saving and environmental protection, building materials, hardware etc. Specialized Committee, Foshan, Dongguan, Jiangmen and the addition of other branches. Association also covers the country's building materials industry core group bulletin, "decorative building materials", professional websites, Guangdong building decoration materials network, micro-blog, WeChat, SMS and other five major public service platform.

Association of service members serving the government and the society, the service industry, its resources superiority and the pivotal role, actively undertake the twelfth session of the thirteenth session of the fair, the wisdom of the government building materials exhibition, Cameroon rendezvous, Home Furnishing 9+2 pan PRD forum series of transfer functions and the purchase of services, to carry out the Guangdong building materials industry Yuanjiang strengthen exchanges and cooperation; with the Provincial Association of Guangdong Province, key joint building decoration design association, the integration of designer resources, held in the province's industry annual meeting, in Chinese Jinlan Interior Design Competition Award, China International Design Festival and other activities; focus on promoting the professional building materials market operation, in order to "hand sources, a price advantage, is committed to to establish a national road Malaysia, Guangdong building materials in Australia, New Zealand, Ethiopia area and other direct bases, a strong push for Industry development; data procurement platform for the establishment of building decoration materials, building materials to achieve docking of the whole industry chain, industry and enterprises to develop the market, to explore business opportunities and help promote the Guangdong building materials procurement exchange, and the Guangdong design one linkage, mutual benefit and common prosperity to the world!

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