The fourteenth China International Fair for small and medium sized enterprises: wisdom, building mat
Guangdong (Tan Chau) International Convention and Exhibition Center
October 20, 2017 -23
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Region division:

Ceramic bathroom Exhibition: a collection of Chinese ceramics, highlighting the characteristics of industrial clusters, exhibition bathroom enjoyment, culture, understand the beauty of life.

South coatings Exhibition: new environmental protection coatings, waterproof coatings, art coatings, diatom mud and other sparkling debut, showing the latest results and technology.
Smart Home Pavilion: experience, custom home, all house furniture, integrated cabinets, integrated residential, furniture materials, woodworking machinery, intelligent, personalized, fine charm, leading the market innovation.
International hotel products exhibition area: to create a smart hotel exhibition area, showcasing the latest quality products in the hotel industry, enriching the purchasing circle of the hotel industry, and improving the matching requirements of exhibitors and sellers.
International Lighting Lighting: a collection of international and domestic first-class lighting designer products, the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, different styles, grades, heritage, fashion and classics.
International Design Exhibition: at home and abroad, designers exchange on the same stage, share cutting-edge design concepts, show the strength of China's design,
Let home design and product design seamless, to promote the perfect interaction between design and materials.
Internet plus Exhibition: innovative integration of B2B and 020, Home Furnishing building materials industry service platform to show new, tailored for the enterprise network services, green channel to get through online and offline".

International comprehensive materials exhibition: to display a variety of safety, environmental protection, green energy saving, health and quality of new building materials products.

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