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China international designer Festival Carnival

DATELINE:2017-08-02 11:32

    In October 17, 2016, the design of a large coffee, the design team sounded the assembly, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao World Chinese designers, designers, colleges and universities design new force together, wish designer holiday. Second days after the opening of wisdom building materials and home show, the third China international designer Festival Carnival series was held in the forum area of Guangzhou international procurement center.

    The day of the series of activities jointly organized by the world Chinese Designers Association, Guangdong Province Architectural Design Association, from Italy, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Guangdong Baiyun University and Zhanjiang, Shenzhen, eighteen Arhats, Dongguan Hui, Guangfo five design strength of more than 200 industry elite, interior designers and architects gathered. As deputy director of SME Bureau of the Ministry of industry and information technology Yuan Baocheng, vice governor of Guangdong province Qin Zhihui leadership and designers with a global Chinese design feast.

    Guangdong Province Architectural Design Association, Ms. Lan Fang for the third session of the International Festival of Carnival speech China designer designer. "Designers' Day is a designer's own festival," she said. "It is hoped that through the activities, designers will be trained to have an international standard in the future, allowing global recognition of China's design and recognition of China's products.". And released Guanzhu Cup "home in the first 2016 Chinese" interior design contest and the National Golf tour information, to stimulate the global Chinese designers love China national complex mining design talents.

    Italy designer AR+, Carlos design company in Italy business development director Marco Chinese, Hongkong AIM design group / Director, chief design director, Ming Tang (Hongkong) engineering design company director, design director Liang Chufu, Guangzhou City Esprit Design Institute Co. Ltd. general designer and chairman, South China University of Technology College of Art graduate tutor Luo Simin, deputy president of the Guangdong Provincial Building Decoration Association experts design Baiyun college dean Chen Huagang and other famous design masters, published in "the wisdom of building materials. "Smart exchange design" as the theme of the wonderful speech, and interact with the audience.

     Exclusive title contest strategic cooperation unit, Guangzhou newpearl Ceramics Group Co., Ltd. chairman Tang Xiaomei introduced Guanzhu ceramic supply research and innovation capacity, professional ability, production ability, supporting capacity, price advantage, product design and presentation skills, hoping to contest and China excellent designers together to create Home Furnishing comfortable design, develop new products and the design of the road of innovation.
    The site held a launching ceremony of the contest, I hope the global Chinese design professionals, the design organization, design enthusiasts to participate actively in the event, give full play to the designer's creativity and imagination, let the home in the beautiful bloom China.

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