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Building materials home industry leaders summit

DATELINE:2017-08-02 11:02

The Belt and Road capacity to deepen cooperation, create a mutually beneficial win-win future
The third "The Belt and Road Home Furnishing" building materials industry leaders summit

    The afternoon of October 16th, the thirteenth session of the smart building and Home Furnishing exhibition opening day, the six session of the two session of the third member "The Belt and Road" building materials industry leader Home Furnishing summit and the Guangdong Province Building Decoration Materials Industry Association held a forum in the exhibition area. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Fang Fang, President of Guangdong building decoration materials industry association. Deputy director, bureau of small and medium enterprises in Guangdong province Expo Affairs Bureau He Zuoxian, deputy director of the office of the Guangdong provincial government of Hong Kong and Macao Li Yangchun, Russian Federation of Asian industrial entrepreneurs co chairman aliocha, Deputy Secretary General of the Guangdong International Institute for Strategic Studies Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Liu Jisen and other government leaders, experts and scholars attended the summit and delivered a keynote speech on a the way the strategic background of international building materials market Home Furnishing industry development opportunities and trends, dedicated to a wisdom, vision and pattern collision fusion spirit.

    Lan Fang president noted Chinese Liansu Group, presided over when she said, Liansu is Association vice president of the unit, the board of directors chairman Huang Lianxi is honorary president of the association. The Association jointly Chinese Liansu Group, followed by the national "The Belt and Road" strategic pace, and actively promote the construction of the carrier, in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, Thailand, Indonesia, India and other countries of the more than 10 city layout, actively deepen industrial cooperation docking "going out". China Liansu Group representatives also bring enterprise roadshow, focus on the promotion of global lingshang home Australia project and the Guangdong brand building materials center issued a direct australia.

    Subsequently, deputy director, bureau of small and medium enterprises in Guangdong province Expo Affairs Bureau Director He Zuoxian published The Belt and Road capacity "to deepen cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win to create a better future" keynote speech, he affirmed the Guangdong provincial building decoration materials industry association actively integrate into the The Belt and Road construction achievements. He said, as the industry hub 5A Association, "building materials export association, escort" as a concept, has been trying to seek ways of enterprise ideas, open new markets and create overseas Guangdong building materials direct bases and other characteristics and marketing channels, to promote the Guangdong building materials, national, global Internet bank. At present, China has become the world's second largest economy, the economy has shifted from high-speed development to medium speed development of the new normal. In the market economy into the new normal, demand growth slowed in the background, Home Furnishing building materials and other traditional industries to win development in the fierce market competition, to achieve better allocation of resources, overseas and foreign investment has become the domestic industry, the economic and social development and conform to the international economic development trend of building materials Home Furnishing industry of our country.

    The government of Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macao Office Deputy Director Li Yangchun published a "historic opportunity and responsibility of business in Hong Kong and Macao Belt and Road Initiative strategy play" keynote speech, China encourage enterprises, especially Guangdong business circles to play a regional advantage, technology advantage, brave go out".

    The co chair of the Asian Confederation of industrial entrepreneurs presented a presentation on the service advantages of the Russian Federation of Asian industrial entrepreneurs, providing services and help for Chinese enterprises to open up foreign markets.

    Guangdong International Institute for strategic studies, deputy secretary general Liu Jisen published "" going out "risk identification and prevention" of the keynote speech, teach enterprises to identify economic risk, expanding out of business environment risk, legal risk and other kinds of situation. Distinguished guests from different perspectives, different paths to guide the development of enterprises.

    The summit, the Guangdong provincial building decoration materials industry association and 5 business association cooperation alliance signing ceremony, President of Lan Fang respectively with the Asian industrial Russian Federation Chairman aliocha, Anhui decorative building materials dealers association Cheng Guoxiang, President of Sichuan province building materials chamber of Commerce of Hubei Province, Yang Wensong Home Furnishing decoration interior design industry Association Secretary General Hong Mingxiang, vice chairman of Guangdong Province commercial factoring Association Zhang Liangzhi signing, is committed to expanding the circle of friends, to find a meeting point of interest, gather more consensus, strengthen interaction The Belt and Road Home Furnishing "building materials industry cooperation, to promote the construction of the carrier, strengthen the integration of resources, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

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