The fourteenth China International Fair for small and medium sized enterprises: wisdom, building mat
Guangdong (Tan Chau) International Convention and Exhibition Center
October 20, 2017 -23
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Deepen exhibition cooperation and create opportuni

DATELINE:2017-08-02 10:40

    Lan Fang president introduced the fourteenth Fair Exhibition of building materials and Home Furnishing wisdom and cooperation, she said, the association as the wisdom of building materials and Home Furnishing exhibition organizer, has been successfully held two sessions, has attracted much attention from all sectors of society, has become the domestic and foreign buyers, docking professional building materials dealers, designers and business platform resource advantages platform. The fourteenth fair wisdom of building materials and Home Furnishing exhibition will be held October 20, 2017 -23 in Guangdong (Tanzhou) held at the International Convention and Exhibition Center, to deepen cooperation with the Shunde chamber of Commerce, paint and relevant association brother Baotuan development, sharing of resources, through the exhibition economy, for the industry to provide more services for enterprises to create opportunities and jointly do a good job in the exhibition.
     Shunde paint chamber of Commerce President Hu Jingzhao is my honorary president, he always bear the responsibility of the industry shoulder to shoulder, brand building strategy, so that Shunde has become the first brand in the coating industry. He said that the Shunde chamber of Commerce and the Provincial Association of paint closely related, will give full support to the exhibition work. Through the establishment of paint exhibition area to build exhibition exhibition, Shunde paint chamber of commerce should also advance with the image of the tree, to enhance the visibility of the chamber of commerce. At the same time, with the investment work, and actively promote enterprises. At the Changsha board of directors in June, we will focus on promoting the exhibition and working with the Provincial Association, leveraging government resources to provide more and better services to enterprises!
    Shunde paint association secretary general Zhang Mengdong stressed that the recent attention has been focused on various professional exhibitions, also looking for the right time held Shunde paint professional exhibition, thanks to the Provincial Association of invitation, we will try our best to do the investment work, establish long-term cooperation, jointly hold the fair and peaceful water features!

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