The fourteenth China International Fair for small and medium sized enterprises: wisdom, building mat
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October 20, 2017 -23
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Explore the development of the industry, good wisd

DATELINE:2017-08-02 10:34
     To run fourteenth Chinese International SME Expo exhibition building materials and Home Furnishing wisdom, creating the influential and effective brand exhibition, even the day, Lan Fong president and the National Federation of Furniture Industry Association executive president Zhang Chuanxi, President of the Guangdong Provincial Industry Association Guan Run, Chinese cibf Liu Xiaomin, deputy general manager of Guangdong Province. The Secretary General of the association Xu Sheng and other big coffee industry, the exchange of learning, to learn that, to discuss the development of.
    In March 29th, Zhang Chuanxi, executive director of the National Association of industry and Commerce furniture decoration industry, and Liu Xiaomin, vice president of China Construction Expo, visited the association. Lan Fang to President Mr. Zhang introduced a line of association, office environment, construction, and services to member enterprises, to undertake the government service, to promote the national building materials exhibition, Guangdong, the world, work with The Belt and Road construction.
    Mr. Zhang expressed appreciation of the work of the association and he said, now the association of Lan Fang like dragons and fishes jumbled together, uneven in quality, and the president is a lady, so concentrate on society development, leading enterprises to actively think of ways to opportunities, upgrade, clear, precise force, admirable learning. He said that the association focused on serving members, enterprises and industries, and the association should actively play the leading role of social organizations, take the front desk and innovate the working methods.
    In March 30th, President of Lan Fang was invited to attend the Guangdong Province Industry Association sponsored the "intelligent lock lock hardware of future intelligent lock hardware development technology forum, and to obtain the annual industry influence brand enterprise award. The forum is an important event of Guangzhou expo. Guan Runkai, President of Guangdong province door industry association, said in an interview with media reporters, "to build integrated brands is the way out of the door enterprises, and hope to integrate resources, win-win cooperation, open the provincial union strategic alliance mutual aid mode."
    After the forum, chairman Fang Fang accompanied by Chairman Li Junhong, made a special trip to the doors and windows exhibition to understand the exhibition.
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