The fourteenth China International Fair for small and medium sized enterprises: wisdom, building mat
Guangdong (Tan Chau) International Convention and Exhibition Center
October 20, 2017 -23
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Fourteenth China International SME Fair wisdom bui

DATELINE:2017-08-02 15:48
1. of the fourth "The Belt and Road Home Furnishing" building materials industry leaders summit

Actively integrate into the national Belt and Road Initiative "strategy, combined with representatives of exhibitors and foreign buyers held Fourth" The Belt and Road Home Furnishing "building materials industry leaders summit, invited government leaders, experts and scholars attended the summit and delivered a keynote speech, explore opportunities for development of building materials industry Home Furnishing international market and new trend of wisdom, vision, dedication and the spirit of mutual collision fusion pattern.

The 2. session of the fourth international designers China festival in Guangdong Province Architectural Design Association of the three Congress

The design of a large coffee, the design team sounded the assembly, from the global elite design, interior designers and architects gathered together, the Guangdong Province Architectural Design Association of the three Congress, Fourth Session of the international Chinese designer festival held during the same period, to promote the building design integration, driven by the fusion of creative design and application of new materials.

3. China (Guangdong) real estate procurement and building materials home application Forum
Activities will be jointly major developers Association, invited real estate developers, architectural design units, materials procurement leader, the government bidding and procurement departments and other participants, to build a procurement exchange platform.

Real estate list (in alphabetical order): real estate, Hengda Group, Vanke, Poly Real estate, green, Wanda Group Holdings, the era of real estate, real estate, real estate, Longhu Country Garden Holdings, Xinji group, golden group, Yuexiu Jinke estate, real estate, real estate, a Ruian real estate, real estate, Inotera gold group, real estate, real estate, and newpearl EGEYAPI GROUP (Turkey), KROST GROUP (Russia), CENTEX GROUP (USA) and HDR GROUP (USA), ACS GROUP (Spain).

4. South paint exhibition special events
The Chinese paint dealer alliance forum brought together the industry elite, resource integration, cohesion and win-win!
The Chinese paint gold pin and set up the industry award, in recognition of advanced characters, encourage younger generation ahead.

The Chinese paint "coating King tournament" carry forward the Chinese lacquer culture, carry forward the spirit of the craftsman.

5. series of special events
The financing of enterprise development seminar - reasonable: provides the enterprise strategic target, favorable and equity incentive, distribution and market management strategy.
The transformation and upgrading of traditional industries Seminar - industry strategy: Based on the interpretation of the path for the enterprise, explain the strategic transformation of the intensive development of the industry, promote exchanges and cooperation between enterprises.
The seminar - industry 4 study: smart factories, intelligent production, intelligent logistics, enhance the level of intelligent manufacturing and commercial value.
The customization of special events

The dealer meeting of the roadshow new conference

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