The fourteenth China International Fair for small and medium sized enterprises: wisdom, building mat
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October 20, 2017 -23
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To promote the internationalization of furniture b

DATELINE:2017-06-02 09:45

In May 9th, President of a Lan Fang visited Shunde furniture brand alliance, and the president of the Shunde furniture brand alliance executive chairman Mei Guineng, Zhou Zhenyang, Feng Yaogen, Lai Yeqiang, Li Lishan, vice chairman Peng Qingsong, deputy secretary general Xu Zhongxing and other representatives and exhibition activities industry development cooperation, exchange and discussion.

Lan Fang president introduced, since the association of wisdom building materials and home exhibition rights since, adhere to the professionalization, branding, information technology development direction, and actively promote the building materials home industry chain cooperation and economic and trade exchanges. The fourteenth fair wisdom of building materials and Home Furnishing show in October 20th to 23 in Foshan for the first time in Shunde, Guangdong (Tanzhou) held at the International Convention and Exhibition center. Foshan is the largest and most famous Home Furnishing Chinese building materials industry cluster, Shunde ceramic sanitary ware, furniture, paint and other industries in Shunde is famous in the world, I hope the joint local business associations, industry alliance, group exhibition showcase, highlighting the regional characteristics, brand value and technical advantages.

Shunde furniture brand alliance to enhance the brand of Shunde furniture as its own responsibility, is China's furniture industry, one of the most dynamic alliance organizations. President Zhou Zhenyang said the Shunde furniture brand alliance, alliance members will combine the needs of enterprises, and actively respond to market challenges, strengthen cooperation and interaction in the Exhibition Association, further investment in the breeze, project development and brand activities to strengthen cooperation with the wisdom of building materials and home exhibition platform, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of Shunde furniture, in order to promote Shunde international furniture brand to make new contribution.

Chairman Lan Fang (left) and chairman of Shunde furniture brand League Zhou Zhenyang (right) take a photo

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