The fourteenth China International Fair for small and medium sized enterprises: wisdom, building mat
Guangdong (Tan Chau) International Convention and Exhibition Center
October 20, 2017 -23
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The depth of the release of industrial development

DATELINE:2017-06-01 16:18
Guangdong Province Building Decoration Materials Industry Association as the industry leader in innovation and 5A combined type hub Association, since the right to host the wisdom of building materials and Home Furnishing exhibition, at all levels of government and departments under the guidance and support, we actively take advantage of industry resources, adhere to the development direction of specialization and informatization. In order to promote the operation of the government and the market combined with the focus on the exhibition service, enhance the quality of exhibitors, exhibits perfect structure, the convergence of global purchasing power, actively promote economic and trade exchanges and cooperation and building materials Home Furnishing whole industry chain, 2015, 2016, we successfully held two sessions in Pazhou fair and exhibition building materials Home Furnishing wisdom!
A May 15th news conference, President of Lan Fang to the media friends informed the key fourteenth fair and Home Furnishing wisdom building materials exhibition highlights and the corresponding situation and special activities.
I. General Situation of exhibition
The fourteenth Fair sponsored by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the people's Government of Guangdong province and South Africa small business development department, the United Nations Industrial Development organization. The wisdom of building materials and Home Furnishing show as the fair is one of the important professional exhibition, will be held from October 20th to 23, for the first time moved to anfudushijuan core area of Foshan in Shunde, has more international, modern and intelligent (Tanzhou) held in Guangdong International Exhibition center. The exhibition area of about 40 thousand square meters, 1200 standard booths, the establishment of ceramic sanitary ware exhibition, South Pavilion, Home Furnishing and intelligent paint custom furniture exhibition, international lighting exhibition, international hotel supplies exhibition, international exhibition, international exhibition design materials, Internet plus exhibition eight exhibition area, to build a broader, more efficient, more professional intelligent, customized, integrated procurement platform for enterprise and industry.
Two, features highlights
1. brands gathered, industry Festival
Exhibition covers ceramics, bathroom, furniture, paint, hotel supplies and other building materials, home industry category, exhibitors are expected to reach more than 300 brands. Among them, Chinese Guanzhu Liansu, ceramics, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and other Nobel Roca will bring new products debut.
2., intelligent, customized and integrated
Guangdong building materials industry cluster Home Furnishing play advantage, build Nanzhuang ceramic sanitary ware, Zhongshan Shunde and Shunde furniture lighting, paint and other specialty area, highlighting the regional characteristics of the industry, to build a broader, more efficient, more professional intelligent, customized, integrated procurement platform for the enterprise and the buyer.
3. industry linkage, precise service
Outstanding foreign enterprises docking services, promote the procurement of resources benefit plan, combined with major banks and Jingdong, such as Tmall platform, provide financial, logistics, export, customs, foreign exchange, tax rebates, online and offline, the full range of accurate matching services, promoting industrial development, invite professional buyers and owners, dealers.
4. authoritative forum, big coffee gathered
We will hold the third The Belt and Road building materials industry Home Furnishing leaders summit, the fourth day, China China Designer (Guangdong) real estate and building materials procurement Home Furnishing Application Forum, 2017 Guangdong Province Architectural Design Association member congress and other activities.
5. master assemble, material interaction
Heavyweight designer group participants. From Britain, Italy, Singapore, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and China provinces and cities nationwide designers gathered in group exhibitions, share the promotion and application of new products, new materials and exhibitors, understand the latest trends and design industry to explore the latest trend of the market.
6., attractive home, universal procurement
Use online exhibitions, APP micro exhibition hall, and cooperation bank customer resources to create a full range of physical exhibition, online exhibition and mobile exhibition --- "Trinity" new pattern. And through the enterprise roadshow, new conference, national procurement Festival and other promotional activities for exhibitors and viewers to provide one-stop product experience and procurement services.
The exhibition focuses on increasing accurate customer investment. The association will give full play to government resources, resources, social resources, invited 57 countries consulate in Guangzhou, Guangzhou office, 21 international organizations, more than 50 international business associations, 23 provinces group exhibition, as well as hundreds of real estate buyers and decoration companies, more than 5000 domestic and foreign designers to participate in various activities.
Three, exhibition activities during the same period:
1. of the fourth "The Belt and Road Home Furnishing" building materials industry leaders summit
Actively integrate into the national Belt and Road Initiative "strategy, combined with representatives of exhibitors and foreign buyers held Fourth" The Belt and Road Home Furnishing "building materials industry leaders summit, invited government leaders, experts and scholars attended the summit and delivered a keynote speech, explore opportunities for development of building materials industry Home Furnishing international market and new trend of wisdom, vision, dedication and the spirit of mutual collision fusion pattern.
The 2. session of the fourth international designers China festival in Guangdong Province Architectural Design Association of the three Congress
The design of a large coffee, the design team sounded the assembly, from the global elite design, interior designers and architects gathered together, the Guangdong Province Architectural Design Association of the three Congress, Fourth Session of the international Chinese designer festival held during the same period, to promote the building design integration, driven by the fusion of creative design and application of new materials.
3. China (Guangdong) real estate procurement and building materials home application Forum
Activities will be jointly major developers Association, invited real estate developers, architectural design units, materials procurement leader, the government bidding and procurement departments and other participants, to build a procurement exchange platform.
List of property developers (rank and file): China Sea real estate, Hengda Group, Vanke Real estate, poly property,
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