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DATELINE:2017-08-08 14:23

     The evening of August 16, 2016, presided over by Zhu Dan, Nigel Maiti, Han Lei, Emil Chau, Joey Yung, Rene Liu, Sha Baoliang, Zhao Jingyi and other stars DEDECATES perform, tens of thousands of viewers witnessed the blessing of the 30th anniversary "Liansu happiness together" with your anniversary celebration party in Guangzhou Asian Games city complex stadium held.

     I will China as president of Lan Fang Liansu independent directors invited with thousands of industry executives, partners hundreds of domestic media, attended the event, celebrating the 30th anniversary birthday of liansu.
    Chinese Liansu Group Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as: China Liansu, Hongkong Stock Code: 2128) is a large domestic Home Furnishing building materials industry group, products and services include pipeline products, bathroom products, kitchen, doors and windows, decorative plates, fire equipment, medical materials, marine aquaculture, hardware and building materials business platform etc..
     At the celebration party, I will honor the development process, President of Liansu Group chairman of the board of directors Mr. Huang Lianxi enumerate Liansu from a small, plastic hardware factory to the development of the market of global pipeline second, Asia's first listed brand, 2015, Liansu industrial upgrading, electrical hardware store building materials chain store experience to build a nationwide and "LESSOMALL" online mall, realize the hardware building materials commodity line "experience + purchase + service new business model. 2016, to respond positively to the national development strategy "Liansu Belt and Road Initiative", in New York, Losangeles, Texas, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok, Dubai 60 city 20 national layout, establish lingshang global entities mall or service outlets. Along with the globalization and internationalization strategy to promote, Chinese Liansu already has more than 50 subsidiaries, has more than 21 major production bases, distributed in 16 provinces and the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Uganda and India and other countries, and constantly improve the strategic layout, expand the sales network and market space, to timely and efficiently to provide products and services to customers.

    In 30 years, in the development behind, not only contains every generation of people Liansu sweat and wisdom, but also contains Liansu the pioneering and innovative spirit of enterprise culture.

     Over the years, with strong strength and plastic hardware for high-end quality of the stick, continuously through technological innovation to promote rapid development of the industry. Has set up the combination of marketing as one of the production system, spending huge sums to build the international advanced technology research center and Research Institute, and a National Postdoctoral research workstation, CNAS National Laboratory Accreditation, has more than 1000 types of scientific research personnel, promote the Liansu from manufacturing to made a strong move! And have proposed the establishment of "Liansu mall" sales service system, open up the online and offline business ecosystem at home and abroad.
     Liansu has always been adhering to the "build relaxed life" home brand beliefs, make contribution to improve and enhance the quality of people's lives. Because of this, Liansu Group has won more and more customers support and trust.
    For the future, people are looking forward to Liansu, like Liansu Group CEO Zuo Manlun at the 30th anniversary celebration party speech, 30 years ago is still basic blueprint for the development of Liansu he said, more miracles are waiting for people to create liansu. We are also looking forward to the future of Liansu will always be with you "with happiness".
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