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VR virtual scene

DATELINE:2017-08-08 14:14
    Recently, the executive director of the Association unit, Guangzhou EU high-tech Mstar Technology Ltd held in Yuanfeng Hotel Ke Hui VR stores in Guangzhou will promote the virtual scene. Chairman Lan Fang and some member enterprises were invited to attend.
    Guangzhou high-tech Mstar Technology Ltd is the EU Internet plus innovative enterprises to upgrade a transformation, the main development of digital scene platform and VR artisans, integration and sharing of industry resources using VR scene platform. At the same time, combined with the company's products diatom diatom diatom mud, brick, art paint, wall paint and other products are customized by VR turn diatom mosaic, wall body custom. One, Ke Ke technical engineer also to a Ke scene experience shop for application and technical explanation.
    By Guangzhou Hi Tech Co Ltd chairman Ding Peichun said, hope that through the EU high-tech materials of traditional shop transformation VR virtual store VR store experience real feelings, superiority more intuitively feel the diatom mud. After the promotion, the company held a grand annual event, we have a joyous gathering, gongxiangshengju.
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