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Global home, global departure

DATELINE:2017-08-08 13:52
         The morning of November 5, 2016, sponsored by the vice chairman of the Association unit, Chinese Liansu Group "lingshang global home project promotion" held in Foshan Home Furnishing Expo city. This is the Guangdong Provincial Building Decoration Materials Industry Association China Liansu, The Belt and Road actively integrate into the national strategy, the global effort to build the layout, building materials, hardware, Home Furnishing global O2O sales service platform. Before, the investment of $100 million to the Guangdong Australia brand building materials retail center, in October 20th thirteenth Chinese International SME Expo exhibition Home Furnishing wisdom building materials and beautiful appearance, has aroused widespread concern in the media industry, building materials industry, the real estate sector, the academic community.
     Lan Fang president as an independent director China Liansu Group, deputy secretary general Liu Cheng Association designated responsible, well-organized, in association group actively mobilize the organization, Guangdong Tiansheng group, winone elevator, Jiashili water paint, paint, waterproof Keshun Clivia according to come, ya Omnitest bathroom, Guangdong cloud plate, macro line pipe Guangzhou, by industrial materials of high-tech, new materials, Guangzhou Guangdong Ward environmental protection science and technology, almost all European furniture Shang Ming Ju and other 12 member units to participate in the seminar.

    At the meeting, the China Liansu Group Executive Director and President Zuo Manlun for this promotion will be welcome, lingshang global home - China supply service headquarters general manager Zhang Zhichao, lingshang global home platform project director Chen Ji, is still leading global home overseas investment project manager Zhang Yingfa were introduced in detail. For this project, to participate in the promotion of the guests show the future development plan is still leading global home.

    It is reported that the first phase of the global lingshang home plans within 5 years, the United States, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai built 13 entity mall, which is still leading global brand building materials home Guangdong Australia Ltd, Australia will be landing in Sydney in May 1, 2017, the same year there opened lingshang global home Dubai logistics center, home China lingshang global brand Home Furnishing lighting Australia direct center, lingshang global home China brand building materials Home Furnishing U.S. direct center. To cooperate, win-win, intelligent, international business philosophy to open the global layout.

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