The fourteenth China International Fair for small and medium sized enterprises: wisdom, building mat
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October 20, 2017 -23
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DATELINE:2017-08-08 13:48

     In July 11, 2017, I will be the executive director of the unit "Bardis Hexin Zhiyuan 2017 dealers annual new conference was held at the China World Hotel in Guangzhou. From across the more than 400 Badis dealers and large coffee industry gathered to share the experience of initiatives to build the core competitiveness of enterprises.

     Seiko Seiko top wall for many years to continuously innovate and upgrade, has developed into a marketing LED, independent research and development, design, production, sales, installation and matching as one of the diversified enterprises. As a home appliance, integrated together smallpox, smallpox, smallpox and engineering shaped single aluminum plate curtain wall professional production enterprises, both the technical level or scale, regardless of market performance or industry influence, Badis with a high degree of brand awareness, excellent product quality, has become the most influential brand in the industry.

    Baldys chairman Long Guosheng in order to force the potential and Prospect of the future "as the theme, delivered a passionate speech. He said that Badis's achievements can not be separated from every Badis's hard work, the market competition is fierce, and only timely adjustment strategy will be able to remain invincible. In the Red Sea market competition, Badis to strengthen the supporting hardware and software work, establish a quality brand image, training more types of talents, expand the product category, focusing on the introduction of cost-effective products, adjust the customer orientation, marketing tactics adjustment, multi-channel development of force potential. And to strengthen the dealer retail terminal business development, take the initiative to adapt to changes, sales channel construction, do the promotion of new products, sales management, corporation operation team winning promotion executive floor capacity, put forward a series of suggestions.

     Subsequently, the twelve guests, second leading dragon sum baldys dealer Advisory Committee Xie Liwei, vice president of the second session of the Advisory Committee Li Hua Bardis dealers, China Decoration Association vice president, the president of Guangdong Province branch ceiling ceiling Association Zhou Lien, Chinese ceiling decoration Association branch secretary Ding Hui on the stage, in the family to witness the dealer under the common baldys Seiko wall top new positioning opening. Then, industry experts, entrepreneurs, distributors, media and other large coffee, or from the development of the industry, or of each one airs his own views from the perspective of enterprise development, to discuss how to break the traditional channels and innovation. Dealers under the platform benefited a lot.
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