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The new board

DATELINE:2017-08-08 13:35

    Recently, members of the Association received good news. I will be standing director of Guangdong new plate Industry Co Ltd is in Guangdong province science and technology department as engineering technology research center of Guangdong province relying on enterprises.

    In November 10, 2016, the Guangdong provincial science and technology department in Guangdong science research word [2016] No. 176 "Guangdong province science and Technology Department on the 2016 that Guangdong Province Engineering Research Center of the notice" said: for the further implementation of innovation driven development strategy, deepen cooperation, enhance the innovation ability of enterprises, universities and research institutes, accelerate science and technology the transformation of achievements, in accordance with the notice on carrying out the work to identify the requirements by expert review and online publicity that Guangdong new element Building Material Co. Ltd as the engineering technology research center of Guangdong Province Based on the unit, specifically the establishment of asbestos Portland environmental building materials engineering technology research center of Guangdong province.
    Non asbestos fiber reinforced sheet silicate, is building decoration materials, is not burning, fire prevention, water resistance, mildew resistance, light weight and high strength, size of large amplitude (length 2440~3050X width 1220X thickness 6~25mm), respectively: low density fireproof board can build 4 hour firewall, exhaust air duct, refractory steel profiles fire protection, ceiling, wall, fire explosion enclosed tunnel of fireproof structure hanging ceiling, high-end residential, record room and other functional use of refractory wall.
    The density of non asbestos fiber reinforced calcium silicate board is not burning, wall and ceiling civil and public buildings, sound insulation and sound absorption performance, fire resistance, water resistance, high strength, surface coating or substrate is a variety of decoration, such as 3D printing, UV printing, fluorocarbon metallic coating etc.. And the production of wood covered with corrugated panels for residential exterior walls and interior decoration. Self support type smoke exhaust duct, decorative plate for tunnel and subway passage side. It is also used as internal wall material for steel structure building.
     High density non asbestos fiber reinforced calcium silicate board, density of more than 1.4g/cm3, with the appearance of color (yellow white) plate and the entire color plate (with inorganic mineral pigment production, mixing) properties: non flammable, fire prevention, water resistance, frost resistance, high temperature: -30 degrees, 50 degrees, 50 times of freezing (Standard Test thawing), qualified flexural strength more than 18Mpa.
    The color board of the whole body should be used for the exterior wall of the building, and the curtain wall system shall be constructed to make the wall for the subway and the mass corridor, and the application of the interior decoration.
    The asbestos free fiber reinforced silicate board is a new type of wall material which is encouraged by the state. It is not only functional but also ornamental, with long service life. It can be recycled as a filling material at the end of application.
    The establishment of the provincial engineering technology research center will contribute to the technological progress and sustainable development of the products in this province.
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