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Torch light Technology Co., Ltd.

DATELINE:2017-08-08 11:03
    Guangzhou torch Technology Information Consulting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, is an information technology oriented, focused on the construction industry to provide diversified information services of start-up companies. The company's main brand - light engineering information network was officially launched in early 2016, on-line only six months time has won the attention of many construction industry. At present, the company has a small scale, the management team has absorbed more than the industry elite, including senior architectural information gathering, senior customer service commissioner and was engaged in the construction of the relevant professional program engineer; the employee of the company has been expanded to 30 people, of which not less than 70% employees for the construction of college graduates, more than 80% employees in the service team with 1 years of sales or service experience. We uphold the construction of excellent service to the talents of the concept of a gradual and steady development, by the end of 2016, the torch light engineering information network has been nearly ten thousand building materials enterprises (and staff) to provide engineering information service, accurate information, quick response, there is the highest evaluation focuslight engineering information given by the customer.
    Torch light technology headquarters is located in the Pearl River Delta, sitting on the advantages of Southern China resources, early focus on regional customer demand to build products. In the future, the torch light project will focus on the Southern China district to the national radiation, and will copy the successful experience and personnel training system to more areas. On the other hand, focuslight technology will make full use of technical advantages to carry out the differences in construction, in order to promote the construction of upstream and downstream enterprise exchanges and cooperation, promote industrial chain upgrading as the main ideas, more complete product development based on the existing information platform. In 2017, the torch light engineering information objective and more than 2 10000 building materials enterprises to establish cooperative relations, customer coverage expansion of 300%.
    Torch light technology solemn commitment, so that each cooperative business can obtain consistent quality of service experience and from the torch light products in the harvest.
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