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Tailai paint

DATELINE:2017-08-03 11:34

     In May 25th 2016, the discovery channel "CCTV" into the artisan spirit column group vice president of the Guangdong Provincial Building Decoration Materials Industry Association unit of Guangdong province Zhongshan Tailai coating headquarters interview record, and held a grand opening ceremony, I was invited to attend president LAN fang.

     "The craftsman spirit" CCTV following "powers", "big craftsman", in 2016 launched a new program, mainly to record companies more than innovation and improving the artisan spirit, to create superior products to the large HD documentary in fifteen minutes. The column in the elite of the industry enterprises for shooting modeled by CCTV documentary director mining development, entrepreneurs, industry upgrade changes through stories and other materials, through the creation process, the core meaning to transfer the artisan spirit in the development of the enterprise, let the world to feel the unique charm of China manufacturing.

     Taylor paint group He Youkang said at the ceremony, Taylor paint was founded 17 years to uphold the artisan spirit, focus on technology innovation, has Kangpai paint, paint, paint and other one plus one dollar state a number of outstanding brands, to become the industry leader!

     President Lan Fang said in his speech, "I will promote the development of Guangdong building materials in several overseas countries, and propose the overseas direct base of building materials. At the same time, we will actively help domestic enterprises carry out industrial upgrading.". Artisan spirit not only represents workers' technology, but also represents the improvement of enterprise technology and technological innovation and the spirit of leader. As president of the two conferences, the association has always adhered to materials and designs to promote each other. Material is the basis of design, and design is the soul of material. President LAN hopes to contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of the construction industry.

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