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Guanzhu ceramics

DATELINE:2017-08-03 11:07

    Tiles are not cold ice materials, but cultural, living, valuable works of art. To achieve a Guanzhu ceramic tile and the art of dialogue, does not bring the same tile deeper cultural experience.

    April 17th fair on the eve of the first image, Guanzhu ceramic hall opening ceremony spring new conference was held, the Architectural Society of Chinese vice president of interior design branch chairman Wen Shaoan, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association branch secretary Liu Yong, Guangdong Province Architectural Design Association President Luo Yuanxiang, vice president of Guangzhou newpearl Esprit Design Institute, vice president of the group Peng Xinfeng, deputy general manager Li Chongguang, Guanzhu brand general manager Deng Yong, the new pearl design institute director Li Ying, a marketing director Li Yao, and Guangdong TV media industry, media friends and leading the guests to witness. Tao Bo has not yet started, the industry took the lead in lighting a fire.

Do interesting cultural exhibitions
     At the beginning of the event, Peng Xinfeng, vice president of the group, made a speech of welcome. Peng said: "in 2016, following the signing of Guanzhu ceramic film, variety star Angelababy, has launched a number of new products, including natural stone tiles, marble tiles, stone pearl source, one of our most star products. Today's conference, I hope that through our image Museum, do an interesting, connotation of tile culture exhibition, to the industry and consumers bring a new tile experience.
Enjoy different images
    Guanzhu Image Museum "- like" as the theme, set up the idea tree, Vientiane fish, space-time wall, four seasons Pavilion, dream - home, tasting area six exhibition area, through the art of natural scenery, leading to enlightenment and perception of life, but also inject new vitality into the Guanzhu "for you choose" culture.
     Today, the image of Guanzhu museum is also honored to welcome the Architectural Society of Chinese vice president of interior design branch chairman Wen Shaoan, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association branch secretary Liu Yong and other guests to visit. Accompanied by group deputy general manager Li Zhongguang, a marketing director Li Yao and other leaders of the visit, Wen director of the image gallery has made profound appreciation: "Guanzhu Hall of the Museum of the image tile feeling really do come out, fade outside the complex, to give a quiet pure feeling, is a rare industry the innovation is also a great!"
     During the opening, Guanzhu ceramics also specially prepared snacks and wine tasting guests for the new Pearl media, create elegant, comfortable viewing atmosphere.
Listen, the nature of the Zen saying
     In our life, the nature of spring, summer, autumn and winter brings us a lot of beauty and inspiration. How do we find out? Guanzhu image gallery art like the landscape remodeling, opening a nature and depth of communication.
     The press conference, the new pearl design institute director Li Ying interpretation of the image of Museum creative source. She pointed out that we live in the nature, often inadvertently touched by nature, such as the spring sun in a green shoot, let us feel the life awakening; autumn breeze of the dandelion, and reminds us of the childhood and light of heart from care; we put new tiles according to the color and picture combination of four seasons and create a space full of imagination, hope to bring you a simple beauty, a pure heart, a heart.
Look at the cutting edge of the product
     Image gallery, Guanzhu shows new products: natural stone tiles, pearl source stone, marble tiles, with natural scenes of different fusion echo, the full interpretation of the characteristics and essence of ceramic tile. In order to better experience the space effect of products, Guanzhu also introduced the most advanced VR technology, the guests wearing glasses, the effect of space can feel personally on the scene Guanzhu of new products, to the industry and consumers new tile space experience.
     In this regard, the vice president of Guangdong Building Decoration Association of Guangzhou espri Design Institute president Luo Yuanxiang to the image gallery also expressed full recognition, he said in an interview with Guangdong television: "very glad to see the image gallery, natural imagery and tile culture and art combine very well. I have been engaged in the design of 18 years, and Guanzhu cooperation through this conference, I found Guanzhu products more and more close to nature, more and more cultural flavor, more and more innovative things!"

    In 2016, Guanzhu will reshape the different brand culture. The launch of the Guanzhu image gallery, is just a beginning, the future, Guanzhu ceramics will gradually improve and perfect brand image, through innovative means of marketing, deepening, mining, building "people choose" brand concept and image, let us look forward to Guanzhu and witness the magnificent transformation.

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